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  • On microcode

    There has been one too many case of „I don’t trust microcode, so I don’t want microcode blobs in coreboot“, so I felt the need for an answer. And since I don’t like stuff to end up in silos, here’s a copy. Microcode vs. microcode updates Let’s get this out of the door first: The […]

  • UEFI memory mapping

    Recently I got into UEFI (TianoCore) development. One of UEFI’s properties is that a part of it survives the OS load and remains resident to provide a limited set of firmware services to the OS. Its predecessor, PCBIOS, provided software interrupt services that ran in real-mode – with the effect that every operating system since […]

  • Intel Boot Guard

    So some innocent post on the coreboot mailing list managed to make some waves. The problem Intel tries to solve… Intel Boot Guard is the latest effort in a long series by Intel and others to allow computers to provide some reliable information about the state a computer is in. They’re working on it since […]