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  • On microcode

    There has been one too many case of „I don’t trust microcode, so I don’t want microcode blobs in coreboot“, so I felt the need for an answer. And since I don’t like stuff to end up in silos, here’s a copy. Microcode vs. microcode updates Let’s get this out of the door first: The […]

  • Seagate’s 8TB „Archive“ disks

    So last year I bought two of Seagate’s (comparably) cheap Seagate hard drives for archival, model ST8000A0002, but never was quite happy with them. They came with two different firmware versions (AR13 and AR15), but both hung the SATA bus all the time, corrupted the file system that was on them due to this, and […]

  • Adventures with Intel VT-d (IOMMU)

    After spending a couple of weeks of implementing VT-d support in the Muen Kernel, it finally worked today: A device was passed through to a Linux guest while undesired accesses (initiated by the UEFI firmware’s USB driver during hand-over) were blocked and reported. The last issue, which took a week to debug, was that the […]

  • Trekstor Player Hacks

    Nach dem letzten Firmware-Update auf meinem Trekstor Stick (notwendig, weil der Windowstreiber "irgendwie" die vorherige Version gekillt hat), bekam das Dingen die eine oder andere neue Funktion, die ich nun so langsam und experimentell entdecke… Zum Beispiel: Taste "runter"/"leiser" zusammen mit "Vor" oder "Zurück" schickt einen in ein Menü, in dem man die Abspielgeschwindigkeit variieren […]