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Windows Annoyance, Pt. 1

After 8 Years of UNIX desktop (where not much changed - sure, glitzy-shiny features in the dozen, but still lacking in the usability and integration department), I bought a Windows license.

No Operating System without some weird corners, so I think I’ll collect such issues here (while looking for solutions). Sooo…

Episode 1: Try to delete a movie in a folder you just opened a few seconds ago. "This file is in use".. That thumbnailer/metadata extractor stuff again, with no obvious way to get rid of it (or to teach it how to read that file in a non-blocking way)

The "get rid of it" part is easy: regsvr32 /u shmedia.dll

Patrick Georgi

Patrick Georgi

Von der Stadt aufs Land. Freund des retro computings und des inneren Exils. Die Gedanken sind frei. Dieses Recht findet seine Schranken in den Vorschriften der allgemeinen Gesetze.

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