Windows Annoyance, Pt. 2

I encountered some problems reading one audio CD into a flac file (I like to keep them in a one-file-per-cd format, with integrated cuesheet, etc) – not even good old trusty cdrdao on win32 managed to read it (but did just fine on DragonFly).

Searching a bit, I found that the ASPI driver (which provides the interface to lowlevel SCSI-and-similar devices for userspace applications) requires some flags in the registry. cdrdao even has the necessary changes in its cvs repository. Just apply, reboot (took me a while to remember that) and it works (for me).

Now, while foobar2000 is a nice player for my cd images, its ripping routine relies on the default TOC – which is the one in the latest session. so I’m back at scripting cdrdao and flac to create proper images (using the first session’s TOC, and fixing it up – which requires a local patch by me – like a red-book cd audio player would do)

So one of my next steps in that regard will be doing my own cdrdao build (with my own patches, etc), and creating a small rip-flac-freedb interface. I guess, that’s a good way to learn about win32 development, too.


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