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  • Qt and CDDL, follow-up

    I finally got a response to my inquiry about the Qt licensing exceptions for opensource licenses. I doesn’t look confidential, so here it is: We will try to add the CDDL, but it may need to wait for a later release. The next package is already going through testing, so I think it may be […]

  • Windows Annoyance, Pt. 2

    I encountered some problems reading one audio CD into a flac file (I like to keep them in a one-file-per-cd format, with integrated cuesheet, etc) – not even good old trusty cdrdao on win32 managed to read it (but did just fine on DragonFly). Searching a bit, I found that the ASPI driver (which provides […]

  • Windows Annoyance, Pt. 1

    After 8 Years of UNIX desktop (where not much changed – sure, glitzy-shiny features in the dozen, but still lacking in the usability and integration department), I bought a Windows license. No Operating System without some weird corners, so I think I’ll collect such issues here (while looking for solutions). Sooo… Episode 1: Try to […]

  • binary blobs, gnu, fsf and s-boxes

    Yay for GNU Freedom. Recently I ran over a discussion where there were some concerns about the viability of using "binary blobs" in an implementation of the AES algorithm. Sure, there’s a table in it, 256 elements wide, with some weird numbers in it. What is that table? It’s an S-Box, one of the central […]

  • progress on hg2mtn

    I continued work on hg2mtn (which managed to import the whole onnv-gate repository just fine, stats will come later), and except for one issue, I’m feature complete: while I track renames now, I have to synthesize directory renames. This will work by looking for each rename if the source directory is getting removed and the […]

  • first release of hg2mtn

    Today I worked a lot on hg2mtn, a tool to import hg (mercurial) repositories into monotone. The result of it is a first release that’s barely useful, but contains all the logic necessary to do it – what’s missing is userinterface, stability and general niceness.

  • Grub2 on LinuxBIOSv3 got access to IDE disks

    As part of this year’s Google Summer of Code I’m working for the LinuxBIOS project. My assignment is to make GRUB2 work as payload for LinuxBIOSv3 (the most recent version of LinuxBIOS). This means, that GRUB2 ends up in the flash ROM and gets loaded by LinuxBIOSv3 (which sets up the memory controller and things […]

  • Qt’s license got some exceptions

    Trolltech decided to give more Open Source projects the possibility to use their fine Qt library – Unfortunately they seem to have forgotten about the CDDL (but the MPL is in there).I asked them for their reasons, probably they just didn’t realize that the CDDL would be a fine addition. Let’s see when/if they answer…

  • Taufe

    Heute war meine Taufe. 9:15los gehts zur Gemeinde 9:45Treffen der Täuflinge (Christoph hat mich das letzte Stück mitgenommen), inkl. Kleidungsbeschaffung (die meisten Hosen waren einige Nummern zu gross) 10:15Treffen von allen zur Vorbesprechung und Gebet – Nervosität steigt 10:30Beginn des Gottesdienstes. Jonas und Geschwister, meine Mutter + Udo, Henrike, Wilhelm, Hr. u. Fr. Frenzen, Caro […]